What is error-code.org.uk?

Many years ago I was working alot with Oracle initially developing a 3GL interface between our product and Oracle using OCI mapping isam like function calls to SQL and then later supporting our product running over Oracle. Back then when you got an error you had to dig out the error codes manual (in paper form) and flip through it's pages and try and work out what the hell it all meant.

Some years later I was again involved with Oracle this time working out how to do live replication and failover, and how to install and configure and support Oracle over Linux. By then the internet was the place to find documentation, but finding information about an Oracle error was not always easy, it used to take me a while to find the Oracle error reference pages on Oracle's website, and that was just the raw error message the same as I got from the manual in book form.

There were a few useful Oracle related web sites about, Oracle FAQ's, Experts Exchange and of course the Oracle forums. There were also a few Oracle error code reference websites regurgitating the Oracle error messages splattered with loads of adverts (but at least they were easier to find that the official Oracle documentation).

This is when I decided to build error-code.org.uk. The objectives for this site were:

This is why the main content (the main panel on each error description page) is free of advertising. It is uncluttered and easy to read.

Why have any advertising at all?

The advertising that does appear on this site is there to fund the day to day maintenance and running costs of the website.

Website Evolution

This website has undergone a number of changes over the years, which include:

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