Failed to open logger config file "string"
Configuration error - using default configuration
Keyword "string" is invalid in this position
Configuration error in file string, line number
Memory allocation failure for "string"
Failed to create filter for "string"
Filter string invalid for "string"
Failed to open eventlog "string": string
Failed to write to eventlog "string"
Invalid suppression filter for eventlog "string"
Invalid entry in eventlog "string" (number events OK)
Eventlog "string" disabled
Eventlog "string" re-enabled
Forwarder "string" disabled
Forwarder "string" re-enabled
Suppression disabled for "string"
Suppression re-enabled for "string"
Failed to open config info file "string"
Keyword "string" is not allowed in a secondary config file
Config file "string" has insecure write permission
Config file "string" has incorrect ownership
Config file "string" is not a regular file