invalid operator binding
RETURN <value> statement required for this return from function
type string_BASE may not be used outside of package STANDARD
User Defined Types may only be defined as PLSQL Tables or Records
User Defined Constrained Subtypes are disallowed
a PLSQL Table may not contain a table or a record with composite fields
The expression in a RETURN statement cannot be a type
Implementation Restriction : Pass a returned record to a temporary identifier before selecting a field
Float cannot have scale
a record may not contain a PL/SQL table of records
Implementation Restriction: 'string': Cannot directly access remote package variable or cursor
PL/SQL function called from SQL must return value of legal SQL type
INSERT statement with REF INTO clause requires a typed table
The type of the REF INTO variable 'string' must be REF to the table's type
Type mismatch between object table and value 'string' in INSERT statement.
Type mismatch between a select list element 'string' and corresponding table column in INSERT statement with a subquery
This INSERT statement requires VALUES clause containing a parenthesised list of values
This INSERT statement requires a VALUES clause containing an object type expression, not a list of values
MAP methods must be declared without any parameters other than (optional) SELF.
ORDER methods must be declared with 1 (one) parameter in addition to (optional) SELF.
MAP methods must return a scalar type.
ORDER methods must return an INTEGER.
The parameter type in an ORDER method must be the containing object type.
Within SQL statements, only equality comparisons of objects are allowed without a map or order function.
A MAP or ORDER function is required for comparing objects in PL/SQL.
The parameters to an ORDER function must have IN mode
Bad column name string in INSERT statement (must be an identifier)
Illegal type used for object type attribute: 'string'.
Unsupported type in a VARRAY or TABLE type: 'string'.
Target of REF must be a complete or incomplete object type.
Tables of non_queryable types are not supported.
A Table type may not contain a nested table type or VARRAY.
A VARRAY type may not contain a NESTED TABLE, VARRAY or LOB
Navigation through REF variables is not supported in PL/SQL.
A VARRAY must have a positive limit
subprogram or cursor 'string' is declared in an object type specification and must be defined in the object type body
subprogram 'string' is declared in an object type body and must be defined in the object type specification
object not supported in this context.
size or length specified is too large.
CLOB and NCLOB cannot use varying-width character sets in the server
a PLSQL Table may not contain a nested table type or VARRAY.
SELF may not be declared as a REF parameter.
invalid use of operator.
character set specification is not allowed for this type
character set ANY_CS is only allowed on a subprogram parameter
flexible character set is not allowed on component element
character set name is not recognized
character set has already been determined
default expressions are not allowed for SQL operators
character set mismatch
character set mismatch on value for parameter 'string'
a function must return a type.
illegal use of CAST expression
lob arguments are not permitted in calls to remote server
string must be completed as a potential REF target (object type)
type name "string" cannot be constrained
cannot pass NULL to a NOT NULL constrained formal parameter
cannot access rows from a non-nested table item
numeric overflow or underflow
different number of columns in the multiset and cast expressions
method access through data base link not yet supported on client side
improper constraint form used
cannot constrain scale, precision, or range of an anchored type declaration
supertype must be an object type
inheritance is not supported for opaque types
attribute declarations are not allowed in opaque types
size must be specified if opaque type is fixed-length
size of an opaque type must be between 1 and 4000 bytes
declared support library for opaque type is not a library
a static method cannot declare a parameter named SELF
a static method cannot be invoked on an instance value
unqualified instance attribute references allowed only in member methods
no attributes found in object type "string"
attempting to create a subtype UNDER a FINAL type
this feature is not supported in client-side programs
the type of a object table must be an object type
default value of parameter "string" in body must match that of spec
the SELF parameter can be declared only as IN or as IN OUT
the TABLE operator is not allowed in this context
expression 'string' in the INTO list is of wrong type
comparison of object with NULL using "string" is not allowed