unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables




A stable set of rows could not be got because of large dml activity or a non-deterministic where clause.


Remove any non-deterministic where clauses and reissue the dml.

2007-10-16 08:16:10
I found this, can be help some budy:

When performing a merge statement, the table to be merged had multiple
records with the same key used for matching. While this is ok for
records to be inserted into the target table, Oracle doesn't like this
on the update portion of the statement. The solution is to remove the
duplicate or pick a matching key that is truely unique.
another dba
2007-10-16 08:20:46
If you are using OWB i found this In metalink:

The information in this article applies to:
Oracle Warehouse Builder - Version: to
This problem can occur on any platform.


OWB mappings that MERGE dimension data intermittently fail with ORA-32906. Mappings fail over to row-based mode and then complete. Rerunning the mapping or running in another environment with same data works successfully.
The root cause may be that you have a target table without a constraint. You may have tables without constraints and as long as their match criteria results into a single row for each load action. In the event the match results into multiple target rows being selected, your error could occur. Even though we don't mandate a constraint on the target, target update and delete match conditions need to result into a single target row, or else you may hit:

- incorrect runtime auditing results (if he doesn't use MERGE)
- runtime error 30926 (if he does use MERGE)
2 possible workarounds:

Right click on your warehouse module and goto 'configure'.
Expand Generation Preferences and choose PL/SQL GenerationMode.
Change that from Oracle 9i to Oracle 8i.
(This is seperate from what you see in location properties.)
Run the mapping code in row-based-target-only this should generate update/insert instead of merge statements.


Remove the parallel hint that OWB sets as a default mapping property. .
2011-11-17 18:19:58
Merge don't like any functions being used those are deterministic. Look at any functions used in the query and function definition. If the function as "deterministic", it don't like it.

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