TNS:protocol adapter not loadable




On some platforms (such as OS/2) protocol adapters are loaded at run-time. If the shared library (or DLL) for the protocol adapter is missing or one of its supporting libraries is missing then this error is returned.


For further details, turn on tracing and reexecute the operation. The trace file will include the name of the shared library (or DLL) that could not be loaded.

2007-07-12 11:34:13
Solution is Fine..
Better if its provided further details
Ex: How to enable the trace
2011-10-14 13:40:21
Edit your sqlnet.ora and add/modify the following line :

tnsping.trace_level = admin

You may get the following error when re-executing tnsping :

NL-00511: error opening trace file <OracleHome>\network\trace\tnsping.trc
NL-00508 cannot open trace file

Just create the missing directory and the trace file will be available.

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